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Australian Outdoor Living WordPress Website Redesign

The Australian Outdoor Living WordPress redesign process:

The design team at Australian Outdoor Living has recently launched the new Australian Outdoor Living WordPress Website Redesign. This new website is a lot more modern and we focused a lot more on a User’s Experience learning from the previous website’s data. While going through the design process we got a lot of feedback from various users on the new design before we started the building process. We made sure that the flow of the content are a lot clearer and the call to actions are all consistent.

With this design we focused on mobile first, it was designed for mobile first and that is how I have built the website too.

Another factor was to make the creation and updating of content across multiple pages easier and faster. The technology I used made it possible to display true geo content per state which will help our users see the content specific to their state, not only users, but Google too.

I have implemented local business and product schema so that Google can understand our content better and help the website rank in its specific state.

I made use of the following technology:

PHP, HTML, SASS, Bootstrap 4, WordPress, geoip2 and jQuery.

Take a look at the new Australian Outdoor Living WordPress Website here.

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