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Wheels24 Project

The Wheels24 Project was my first big project at while I was Senior Website Designer. I had to build the html and css structure from the ground up.

That time there was no Bootstrap or Foundation to help me out. Everything was hand coded. We normally code the flat html, css and jquery first of the following pages:

  • homepage
  • category page
  • article page
  • gallery

I had to make sure that I code each component so that it can work on it’s own, no matter where it lived on the site and making sure that styles do not break.

Once I finish with one page I hand it over to the back end developer so that they can do their magic and plugin the cms controls.

Once they have done that I go back into the project and make sure that the styles are still working as expected.

You can have a look at the site here.



Eric de Kock

I’m Eric de Kock, I was born in South Africa and lived in 3 provinces, Free-State, Gauteng (Johannesburg) and Western Cape. I worked for Advertising agencies like (Red Cherry Advertising and Saatchi & Saatchi AtPlay), publisher ( and Marketing agency (Acceleration). I recently moved to Adelaide in South Australia. It’s a very beautiful and friendly city. It’s very similar to Cape Town I must say. I love to create websites, I love design, I have a passion for coding and I enjoy seeing the results from my creations.

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