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Therapy Services Adelaide Website

I was asked by DigitalLabs, a digital marketing agency, to help them re-design and build the website for Therapy Services in Adelaide. This website was built to drive better conversions for our client. The Therapy Services website are catering for all type of users, desktop or mobile users on the go. I focused on making the website as fast as possible and also making sure the user will find their way to the service they need from our client.

In this project I used:

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  •  jQuery
  • SASS
  • Google Tag Manager

You can take a look at the live website, Therapy Service.

Eric de Kock

I’m Eric de Kock, I was born in South Africa and lived in 3 provinces, Free-State, Gauteng (Johannesburg) and Western Cape. I worked for Advertising agencies like (Red Cherry Advertising and Saatchi & Saatchi AtPlay), publisher ( and Marketing agency (Acceleration). I recently moved to Adelaide in South Australia. It’s a very beautiful and friendly city. It’s very similar to Cape Town I must say. I love to create websites, I love design, I have a passion for coding and I enjoy seeing the results from my creations.

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